You may find yourself at a strategic crossroads - poised to set-up a new factory, introduce a new product range or expand your current operations. Or you may be about to invest significantly in additional facilities and equipment. But are you sure how to fulfil such a momentous next step or harness your Return On Investment?

Ask yourself:


 Can you balance additional customer requirements against your new operational capabilities?


Do you have the means to coordinate, project-manage and achieve a highly successful launch?


Are you able to design quality and efficiency into your new products, processes and services?


If you answered 'no' to any of the above you could benefit from a Fluere Operational Design & Launch Solution.

Our Solution

We offer a full range of support and, depending on your needs, our team can help you to accomplish a successful design and launch.

Operational Launch Support

With demonstrable skills and experience, from a new product to a new facility, we can provide:


 Guided, assisted or managed support to suit your needs (including project governance and management)


The application of design improvement methodologies, to help you to design your new products, processes and services


Evaluation of your design to ensure it meets both your customer and process performance needs


Design and development of key operational requirements, from product demand and workflow modelling to fully functional installations and efficient shop floor/office layouts.

Your Benefits

Our support, mentoring and guidance solution will provide you with:


The reassurance that your operational designs and launch will be focused on achieving maximum gains and ROI


• Enhanced likelihood of a successful launch


• The skill to harness the opportunity and know-how to produce a new design and launch that allows you to leap forward


• A real focus on radically reducing your operating costs, building-in quality from the start and delivering highly efficient and capable processes

We can help your business 

perform so much better