Easing the pressure for an oil & gas equipment manufacturer


The Challenge

An oil and gas equipment manufacturer, experiencing huge demand increase, was under pressure from headquarters to improve output efficiently and cost effectively. Capital and additional space was minimal and there were concerns regarding potential disruption to the on-going operations during this busy period.

The Solution

Lean and Six Sigma techniques were used to assess the current process and product performance capabilities, understand work scheduling and identify key problems, which minimised the output rates. Working with scheduling, engineering and operational teams, the workload, product mix and flow on the shop floor were evaluated to identify ways to smooth product flow and provide more balanced production activities at each stage.


The Outcome

• Shop floor machine programs were redesigned to smooth production rates and eliminate bottlenecks


• Product mix was rationalised for better control and less disruption


• Product design changes were introduced to aid production and increase quality levels


• Output rate increased by 30%


• Quality levels improved by 20%


• Product focused machines and resources


• No additional resources needs