Fluere: 'to flow' (Latin)


Our Mission 

We are serious about improving your business. As operational experts, we strive to radically increase your productivity to maximise profits and savings. Our hands-on team really get to know your business, working with your people to deliver sustainable practical solutions.

Our Key Beliefs

Radically enhancing the flow of products and services is key to any improvement initiative and should always be the focal point


Many organisations have huge improvement potential, yet most recognise only a fraction of it


True business transformation is a journey - coordinated and well applied improvement efforts can yield dramatic benefits


Business transformation needs to be taken seriously - real commitment is required, otherwise results will be mediocre at best


Incremental advances are not acceptable to Fluere - we will always strive to achieve the highest level of gains when working with our clients


Our Team

Proud to be a Yorkshire-based company, we also work throughout the UK and overseas. Our specialist team helps organisations to identify and deliver substantial savings. We are adept and extremely experienced in successfully applying improvement techniques to a wide range of processes, challenges and sectors, including:


Lean   Six Sigma   Theory of constraints   Design for Manufacture/Service and more


We regard these techniques as our toolbox - selecting the right tools to address your specific needs.


Many of our consultants come from industry, across a range of areas including, manufacturing, service and public sectors. They have worked with SMEs and multi-nationals alike. We've 'been there and done that' and when it comes to radically improving your operation, we appreciate:


The typical barriers you face when pushing for higher performance levels whilst also combatting immediate issues


The dilemma and pressures of delivering instant results, in contrast to planning for coherent medium to long term step-changes


That time is precious for you and your team, and levels of involvement in improvement initiatives versus managing daily operations needs to be balanced.


That there will be a natural fear of change and the outlook of the teams 'hearts and minds' is as important as the technical delivery.


Our Approach

We use hands-on, highly interactive and structured approaches for all of our solutions, which are done 'with you' instead of 'to you'. As well as applying improvement tools, we also believe there are four other equally essential factors, that all need to work together to realise substantial benefits and lasting change. These are reflected in the diagram below:

People Training & Capability
Project Selection
Organisation Support & Infrastructure
Change & Improvement Sustainment

Improvement Tools & their Application


Substantial & Continued Benefits

Many improvement initiatives concentrate on this element and much less on the other equally important factors


Join us

At Fluere we are always on the look-out for exceptional people to join our expanding team. From Consultant through to Managing Consultant, we don’t just offer a job - we offer a career.

We are committed to offering an in-depth training and development programme to create the best process improvement consultants and to ensure your career with us flourishes.

We offer a competitive remuneration package, an annual performance related bonus, and a generous holiday allowance.

Our team is the secret to our success – and we are looking for the best.

Interested to learn more? Email info@fluere.co.uk