Providing constructive feedback


The Challenge

A construction company has been pioneering the use of offsite manufacture for many years by offering a modern and more affordable approach to engineering solutions. With a focus on continuous improvement, the company wanted to understand if there were any areas within the current operation where they could increase efficiencies. 

The Solution

Fluere visited several offsite manufacturing facilities where they critiqued a range of processes including operational performance, flow of parts, layout and material handling methods. Operational control techniques, systems and information flows were also understood. Finally, a workshop was facilitated to gauge key aspects of the operation.

The Outcome

The summary report and follow-up highlighted:

• Potential cost savings and benefit areas

• Key areas where performance levels could be considerably increased

• An outline as to how, where and which improvement techniques could be applied

• Specific ways to increase the factory capacities, based on demand needs

“Having had a chance to read through the summary report and having dwelled on our discussion, then I do think there is some mileage in our working together on a value stream mapping/ benchmarking exercise to help create a platform for operational excellence”

General Manager