Many organisations are not fully aware of the gains they could realise from improving the flow of their products and services. You may have identified obstacles that prevent smooth flow – such as bottlenecks, quality issues or misaligned scheduling – but do you know how much better your business could be if they were addressed?

Ask yourself:


Are your operations efficient, and do you know how good they could be?


Can you prioritise your challenges and do you have an improvement plan?


Do you know what the optimimum improvement techniques are, and where or when to apply them?


If you answered 'no' to any of the above you could benefit from a Fluere Health Check

Our Solution

You can opt for a High-Level Health Check, to assess your potential improvement opportunities, or an In-Depth Health Check, to look closely at validated recommendations for improving your processes.

High-Level Health Check

Single visit review taking 3-4 hours


Includes a site tour and structured mini workshop


Assessment and identification of improvement opportunities


Follow up summary report

Your Benefits

A follow up summary report will indicate the potential improvement levels you could attain, and include:


• Key observations and insights


• An indication of your potential improvement levels


• An 'improvement Road Map' showing priority of improvement tools


• A reference guide for the methods and techniques we propose

In-Depth Health Check

 Approximately 2-4 week detailed review of your operational processes, which entails:


Thorough data analysis of current process performances


Detailed end-to-end process 'walk-throughs' and critique


Focused interviews and structured workshops


Assessment of current resource, system and operational capabilities


A detailed report, providing current performance status, key operations, system and resource evaluation and precise improvement recommendations

Your benefits

You'll get a detailed, clear and validated position regarding your current status and improvement recommendations, including:


• A comprehensive dashboard of your current performance metrics (data permitting)


• Thorough current process evaluations and critiques


• Supporting operational process and system appraisals


• Outcomes of your teams and structure assessments


• Clear, validated and specific improvement recommendations

We can help your business 

perform so much better