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Where proprietors are not paid a market salary due to dividends please estimate the fair value adjustment:

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Productivity Results

Net Profit (Calculated):

UK Productivity Calculator Result:


Total Multi-Factor Productivity (Overall Sales / Total Cost):

Total Cost as a % of Sales:

Materials Productivity (Overall Sales / Material Costs):

Material Cost as a % of Sales:

Labour Productivity (Overall Sales / Labour Cost):

Labour Cost as a % of Sales:

Capital Productivity (Overall Sales / Depreciation):

Depreciation as a % of Sales:

Overheads Productivity (Overall Sales / General Overheads):

Overheads as a % of Sales:

Now you have used the tool, please click on the link below which is our evaluation survey:

This is the link to the UK productivity calculator, please click on this and you can identify your benchmark position for your sector:

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