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Productivity Calculator Guidelines

Guidelines for completing web based data capture sheet

*Overall Sales: consists of invoiced sales of the business in connection with the sale of goods and services. Figures should be given gross of indirect taxes, duties and levies (except VAT) invoiced to the customer. Interest and similar income, other operating income and extra-ordinary income should be excluded from the turnover figure as should net proceeds on sales of capital items.

*Workers: This includes employees and working proprietors. An employee is anyone aged 16 years or over that your organisation directly pays from its payroll(s), in return for carrying out a full-time or part-time job or being on a training scheme. Working proprietors include all individuals and partners actively engaged in the work of the business. It excludes silent or inactive partners whose main activity is outside of the business.

Direct Labour Cost: the cost of workers used in the production process excluding stock variation.

Direct Material Costs: the cost of raw materials and other direct inputs that are used up in the production process excluding stock variation.

Depreciation (of fixed assets): The reduction in value of fixed assets over time charged to the profit and loss account over the expected life of the asset.

Machine Maintenance: Hiring, leasing or renting plant (including scaffolding) machinery and vehicles


Finance costs: charges and interest on bank, asset and other loans.

Indirect labour costs: the cost of workers not used in the production process including sales and administration.


General overhead (excluding indirect labour costs, depreciation, machine maintenance and finance costs and stock variation):

Including the following:

*Energy and materials for business use:

  • Energy used in the running of your business (including petrol, diesel, electricity and gas etc.)

  • Water used in the running of your business

  • Sewerage charges and other costs of waste disposal

  • Goods used in the running of your business (including stationery and consumables)

*Services for business use. Amounts payable:

  • To sub-contractors

  • For commercial insurance premiums

  • For contracted road transport services

  • For telecommunication services

  • For computer and related services (including repairs and maintenance of office machinery and computers) excluding computer hardware and software

  • For advertising and marketing services

  • To employment agencies for agency staff

  • For other services purchased (e.g. non-road transport and travel, professional services, postal services, research, rent paid, banking charges, legal costs and accounting fees, payments made to claimants)

If you require any further support in completing the data capture sheet please contact Ben Maughan from Kirk Newsholme (T 0113 2044217 E ben.maughan@kirknewsholme.co.uk)

*sourced from UK productivity calculator definitions