Product flow as fast as lightning


The Challenge

Bee Lighting Ltd is a land, sea and air lighting technology company. They work responsively with some of the world’s best vehicle manufacturers. The company was advancing from design services by establishing a state of the art production facility. A key requirement was to create an efficient and flexible manufacturing cell, to deliver consistently high quality goods.

The Solution

The production flow was mapped and wasteful activities, including flow interruptions, handling methods, transportation and movement of all parts and operators, were thoroughly challenged within the cell blueprint. The final manufacturing process accounted for all equipment, tool changeover and material replenishment methods to be used.


The Outcome

From the initially provided layout to final design:

• A highly flexible and efficient cell with streamlined product flows was created

• Lead times were improved by 25%, with reduced bottlenecks

• Cell output increased by 20%, with efficient use of operators

• Handling distance halved and changeover times were minimised


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