Restructured processes create 

better all-round results


The Challenge

A sheet metal manufacturer was missing delivery dates, incurring a backlog of orders and experiencing a higher number of customer complaints relating to one of the companies key product range. Lead times were also higher than expected, leading to customers looking for alternative suppliers.

The Solution

Using lean techniques and working with the operation team, the end-to-end production flow was mapped and reviewed. Identifying wasteful activities, flow interruptions and bottlenecks, we also assessed the movement of parts and resources. Following problem root cause analysis, we identified solutions and prioritised for greatest impact, improving production output rates and process efficiencies.


The Outcome

• Lead times were reduced by 80%


• Operator output rates were doubled 


• Work in progress was cut by 90%


• Over 30% of the shop floor was rearranged to create smooth product cells


• Bottlenecks were substantially reduced


• Restructuring of resources enabled ownership to be established in teams


• No additional resources were needed


• Set-up improvements and product flow was achieved