Companies often find that improvement programmes fail, deliver poor results or show low return on investments. This can be due to lack of understanding or poor management of critical success factors.


You may invest considerable time, cost and effort into a change programme, but it doesn't mean you will reap the rewards. Without sufficent training and support, achieving the desired results is often unattainable.

Ask yourself:


 Do you have a clear approach to prioritising which improvements will have the greatest impact?


Is sufficient time made available for your change-delivery team and are they capable?


Are you adequately embedding a Continuous Improvement culture?


If you answered 'no' to any of the above you could benefit from Fluere's Transformation Support.

Our Solution

Wherever you are on your change journey - whether you're thinking about embarking on a transformation programme or have an existing scheme in place that needs reinvigorating - our extremely experienced team can help. This solution can be tailored to work with a small team or an entire company.


We believe that our approach is key to the success of your change programme.

Transformation Guidance
and Training

We have led many capability transfers through Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives. We can guide and support you through each critical success criteria area. In addition, our 'shadowing and training' model is tried and tested - we will ensure your team is capable of delivering your CI needs.

Your Benefits

Our support, mentoring and guidance solution will provide you with:


• Established change programme infrastructure and governance


• Clear sponsorship and championing principles and responsibilites


• A self-sufficient in-house trained team who can deliver your CI programme


• Better ways of managing your transformation to maximise benefits and savings

Transformation Assessment

Aligned to our critical success criteria, we have thoroughly critiqued many transformation programmes, where there has been substantial investment, with the intention to radically improve the organisation. Our reviews typically identify key insights, which have significantly supported and influenced the programmes going forward.

Your Benefits

As a result of our review, based on our critical success criteria, the outcomes will include:


• Your approach will have been fully critiqued


• The maturity, strengths and improvement areas will be identified


• Your current success levels will be validated together with the programme's value for money


• Clear recommendations for improving the programme will be provided

We can help your business 

perform so much better