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Case study: Bifold network


The challenge 

Bifold Network, a leading door and window manufacturer in Sheffield, were experiencing significant sales growth and needed to keep pace in Operations. With increasing reliance on key staff and growing demand in both the office and manufacturing environments, the company wished to identify opportunities to increase productivity in order to match demand. The initial scope was to conduct an in-depth business review that identified the greatest improvement opportunities to improve productivity and support the sales growth.

The solution

Interactive workshops, process observations and data analysis supported the business assessment. This was then critiqued to form a business improvement plan for each area. Bottlenecks were also identified and quantified.
The findings included a categorised list of all potential improvement areas, prioritised by ease of implementation and impact to the business. This provided the client with the means to commence a business wide improvement drive, with our implementation support.

The outcome

  • Solution that is increasing capacity towards 25% without extra resources or capital equipment 

  • A production line that increases productivity by 25% through streamlining process steps

  • A new master production schedule and planning approach which already realising a 15% On-Time and In-Full (OTIF) improvement

  • Improvements to material management have reduced shortages and reliance on key individuals.

"Fluere have worked extremely well with our team, really getting to know and understand both the individual and business needs. The review and its recommendations have provided us with the foundations to drive serious growth into the business. We are now implementing these with Fluere and are already generating productivity improvements. Fluere have been instrumental in helping to grow the business and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Allan Ensor | Managing Director

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