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Case study: Carbon fibre preforms


The challenge 

Carbon Fibre Preforms has been developing the world's first cost competitive structural metal replacement carbon fibre composites. After development of the technology, the company is now in the process of investing and increasing outputs and capabilities to an industrial scale.


The solution

As a new, unique patented technology, the company have sought the assistance of Fluere to support the design and installation process in preparation for 'full operational readiness' Fluere project managed key aspects of operational preparation, design and implementation, to ensure that an industrial scale manufacturing plant could be realised.

The outcome

  • KA fully operational manufacturing facility with industry scale capabilities

  • Unique (first time world-wide) and proven production process

  • Streamlined operational processes and factory layouts

  • Efficient work flows, quality and controls designed into working practices

"Fluere have successfully supported the design of this radically new cutting edge technology. Paul and his team have optimized the process layout of the new factory from goods inwards to despatch.
With a remit of taking the process steps from a blank sheet of paper to realising both structural and operational design, they have proactively contributed to all aspects of the project."

David Bell | CTO

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