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Case study: Stairlift manufacturer


The challenge 

The stairlift manufacturer provides high quality custom and off the shelf products to a number of stockists internationally. With demand increasing rapidly and ambitious growth targets, the company needed to increase productivity to ensure that product is always available from stock. The challenge was to design and implement a new production line which could facilitate withdrawing from finished goods and maximise the output in the same facility with no additional resources. 


The solution

Having conducted a detailed assessment and mapping of the production line, the wasteful activities, including flow interruptions, handling methods and transportation of all goods and people were identified. With the wastes identified and quantified, Fluere then designed a new flow that broke down production to evenly distributed segments, ensuring a continuous production line from the start to end of manufacture. This was then supported with a complete layout redesign, reducing the movement of materials and people whilst increasing the visibility of production.

To ensure the new ways of working were embedded, written guides and hands on training was provided to the management and operators, followed with audits from Fluere. This along with a custom dynamic production dashboard, monitoring the performance of the new production line ensures that production efficiency is regularly challenged, and standards are upheld.

The outcome

  • A 33% increase in productivity

  • A 10% increase in labour efficiency

  • £350,000 in increased EBIT

  • A 60% decrease in material movement

  • A Dynamic production dashboard

  • Increased visibility of flow

  • 6:1 return on investment

“This is our first project with Fluere. The new production line they have designed is significantly easier to manage and has improved our productivity dramatically. Fluere listened to our needs attentively and worked with the team, involving them at every step. They have provided a holistic service, considering all areas of the production and provided us with the necessary tools to continuously improve and grow the business. We are extremely happy with their service and looking forward to continuing work with them."

Richard Morrison | Operations Director

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