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Case study: Metal component manufacturer


The challenge 

There is a continual challenge for organisations to improve efficiency and realise cost savings from existing processes in order to drive maximum value. With this in mind, a component manufacturer requested Fluere to carry out a high level health check to gauge current performance status and help identify improvement opportunities.


The solution

With input on the day from key executive and operations team members, Fluere undertook a site tour to observe the manufacturing and supporting processes of the facility. In addition, a structured workshop was facilitated to assess the company's position against four key areas, consisting of i) Your performance today, ii) Where you are going, iii) Daily management competence and iv) Improvement capability.

The outcome

With minimum disruption, the report feedback from this

rapid assessment provided:

  • Clear insights relating to the company's current operations and performance 

  • Highlights of core strengths and likely improvement areas​

  • An overall indication of performance and improvement level potential​

  • A high-level improvement roadmap with associated improvement techniques

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