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We are experts in creating high-performing factories by improving the three fundamentals of a successful, prosperous business. 

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Accelerating profits

Improving productivity

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Expecting Change Without Leading Change_

Empowering teams

How difficult can it be?

Is your factory capable of transforming raw materials, a cluster of machines, heaps of information and teams of people into on-time, right first-time products whilst achieving high productivity and profits?


Typically, this is more complex than it looks – not to mention that manufacturing in the UK is notorious for its low productivity and low margins.

Fluere, a specialist process improvement consultancy based in Yorkshire, focuses predominantly on operations and on helping manufacturing organisations across the UK and overseas to become more productive and profitable.

What's keeping you awake at night?

Ask yourself...

Do we consistently produce & deliver our products/services quickly; on time and in full?

Is the quality, compliance & effectiveness of our products/services high?

Do we run an efficient & productive operation?

Have we got a mature culture, with engaged, capable & motivated teams?

Are our growth, profit and cashflow levels high?

I'm not really 


I'm getting

irritated now

I can't sleep

   at night

Our credentials

Over 150

Production lines worked with



Combined years of experience

30% - 100%

Productivity & output increase per project

1:4 to 1:8

Return-on-investment ratio

What good looks like


“A highly productive factory puts customers first, makes problems visible and engages the employees to constantly challenge the norm and solve problems.”- Paul Molloy | Director of Fluere


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Bensons control panels

“Fluere created a training and mentoring programme through our new ‘Shop-floor Champions’ positions and by working collaboratively with our team identified meaningful KPI’s. The engagement with our team was impressive and has ensured the success and sustainability of the activity.

We’ve improved our productivity and in-process quality whilst simultaneously improving our turnaround time, despite the current supply chain challenges.

Working with Fluere over the last three years has allowed us to gain a greater insight into the overall productivity of the business; we’re more cost effective, more efficient, and we have a long future ahead of us!”


Mathew Barton | Managing Director

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